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Beware delays in monkeypox test results | Letters

Beware delays in monkeypox test results | Letters

Sebastian Sandys says he had to be in isolation for more than a week with no information on when his test result would be ready

The claim by the UK Health Security Agency that individuals tested for monkeypox are usually informed of their result within 24 hours contrasts with my experience (‘It’s taken so long’: Monkeypox patients raise concerns over UK tracing delays, 19 June).

I was admitted to a major London teaching hospital on 10 June following my return from Africa with an unidentified infection. Monkeypox was ruled out and I was treated with intravenous antibiotics. Unexpectedly, on 12 June I was informed that I was to be tested for monkeypox after all. I would be placed in isolation and all staff would wear full PPE for the 48 hours that it would take to get a result.

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